Whether you are a new home owner or whether you’ve been living in your home for years, home decorating can be a daunting experience. Home decorating should not be undertaken by the faint of heart. It’s definitely not easy. There are so many factors to take into account:


  • What colors to use?
  • What patterns go with what?
  • How do you make sure the colors don’t clash? 
  • What furniture looks best in what room?
  • Where do we go to purchase everything?


With so many questions being asked, the question that undoubtedly comes up the most is how do we afford to pay for everything that we need? In today’s economy many people are on a budget. Most people are focusing their purchases on the daily necessities of life as opposed to the luxuries we all dream of. That’s not to say that one cannot redecorate on a budget, it just means that each purchase must be carefully calculated.


Although pricing may seem overwhelming there are many easy, quick, inexpensive things that can be done to decorate your home on a budget.


1.)   Covers – If you would love to change the furniture in a room or the way your bedroom looks but simply don’t have the budget try changing the covers.  A brand new bedspread  will do wonders to change the look and feel of your Bedroom. In the Living Room instead of purchasing a new sofa or love chair try purchasing a new design of slip covers to make the entire room appear brand new. What was once a floral Heaven can now become a sexy, sophisticated boudoir.


2.)   Frames – You would be amazed what old pictures in new picture frames can do to change the way a room looks. Instead of going out and purchasing new artwork try re-framing your current artwork in a different way. No need to buy expensive pieces. Take some of your existing family photos and hang them in a collage on the wall. What was once a picture on your desk can now become a work of art.


3.)   Musical Chairs – Maybe you just need a change. If your house has been modeled in the same manner for years but you’re not prepared to do away with your most treasured pieces, try rearranging the way your furniture is placed. Moving a bookcase from the Living Room into the Den may now make the Den appear more like a library and provide the Living Room with more space to move around in. The television that was in the Dining Room is now in the Kitchen area. It’s amazing what small, little, minor changes can do to give the entire house a facelift.


4.)   House Paint or Color – One of the preferred ways to completely redecorate your home without changing a single piece of furniture is to paint your home. New paint will make your home look fresh and new again. All of the grubby hand prints and dings and scratches left on your walls by the hands of time are now gone.  A room that has been repainted looks brand new again. Even if you’ve been living in your home for years, immediately after a new coat of paint it will feel like the first day that you’ve moved in. However, painting is a major process. It should not be undertaken by amateurs. Hiring a reputable painting contractor is a very wise investment.


5.)   Exterior Paint – Painting the outside of your home is also a good way to give your house a brand new look. Maybe you’d like to move or are tired of looking at the same house you’ve had for years but moving is out of the question. Why not try changing the color of your house to at least make it look like a new house? Paint and colors are an amazingly simple, yet effective way to make what was once old new again. But remember painting your house should be done by a professional. Outside exterior paint has different weather condition standards and may require special types of paints that painting contractors are most familiar with.


6.)   Plants & Animals – Home is where the heart is or so the expression goes, but a home needs some sort of life form in order to make it appear lived in. Adding potted plants to window panes or a fish tank on a dresser top will bring a little bit more life into your home. Plants and pets can both be purchased at your local convenience store without breaking the bank.


7.)   Sewing – New curtains can be an expensive, yet important part of your homes redecorating efforts. Yet it is not necessary to go out and purchase them from the store. Save money by sewing your own curtains. Curtain patterns and material can all be purchased at your favorite fabric store. Curtain patterns are fairly easy to where even a sewing novice is able to sew a new pair in a matter of minutes. With fresh new curtains on your windows everything looks different.


By utilizing the tips and information that we have provided above, you are able to turn your house into the home of your dreams. Your home will be the house in the neighborhood that everyone else models their homes after. The one when it’s time to bar-b-que and have Summer parties everyone seems to want to hang out at.


This is no coincidence. You’ve worked hard to make your house what it is and you still have enough money left over to enjoy your home. You are now a trendsetter and a savings maven. By following the steps provided above you won’t have to worry about exceeding your budget, in fact you may come in so far under budget that you are able to purchase that luxury item you’ve always wanted for your home. Decorating should be fun and allow you to utilize your creativity. Now you can dream big without needing a big budget!









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