As a professional painting contractor we offer a wide array of painting services to meet your needs.


  • Remodel or New Construction Painting
  • Re-Paints ( have a paint finish in need of a new coat or two)
  • Deep Color Painting (We can professional apply rich deep colors)
  • Specialized finishes
  • Floor Coatings such as Polys

Minor Trim Carpentry or Wood Repairs:

  • We can repair or replace rotted wood trim. (non-structural)
  • We can install chair moldings, hand rails or custom trim.
  • We can repair or replace porch decking

Drywall Repairs:

  • We can address holes, nicks and dents in drywall surfaces.
  • We can patch larger holes or replace sheet rock sections
  • We can fix corner, cracks, or tears in drywall

note: Some drywall cracks or tears are due to structural pressures and may re-occur. We always do our best to address these repairs professionally. 

House painting


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